Stargate: Legacy is a Half-Life2 modification based in the universe of SciFi TV shows Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis.
How it all began…

Stargate: Legacy (SGL) was founded by a group of Stargate fans, with Freeman551 and FuriousFurling in front, who were becoming unhappy with progress of other Stargate themed mods (for the Source engine). Those mods seemed to make big promises about release and outstanding content, but quite frankly failed to accomplish these promises in reality. And so these few enthusiasts with little or no modding experience began work on porting the very popular Half-life total conversion StargateTC (SGTC) to the Source engine…

4 Best PC Gaming Websites of 2016

Are PC games a thing for this past? This is often a theory that has been debated for which have time now. With the rise of the Playstation and the Xbox along with handheld systems you will find more and more people jumping on the console and handheld bandwagon and claiming that the PC will soon be dead. Anybody that allows these claims is dumb. The PC isn’t going anywhere. You can engage in action, target and shooting, role playing, war, tactics, new or old fashioned board games, puzzles, all kinds of races, cars and auto racing, and many varieties that suit your style. PC gaming has it all.

That brings us to our list, the 5 best pc gaming websites. Some of these you probably have never heard of and I’ve just stumbled accross them while searching the web. Others will be instantly recognizable, because almost all PC gamers use them daily or weekly.

The Top 4 Best PC Gaming Websites

  1. PC Gamer. This company started out as a magazine but now has a very big online presence. Surely if you are into PC gaming you have came across PC Gamer. I think where they really shine is their PC game reviews. They rate on a scale of 1 to 100 and I think they are pretty spot on with most of their verdicts.
  2. Tom’s Hardware. Tom’s Hardware is a great website to discuss PC components and other gaming related topics. If you are looking for a forum to get involved in this is a good bet. I also like their hardware guides that are usually pretty thorough.
  3. Kotaku. A great stop for recent events and a pretty solid blog run by the Kotaku staff. There’s always something new or fresh on Kotaku. By going to the PC gaming tag you can pretty much just endlessly scroll and find something worthwhile.
  4. Spindle Gaming. This is a relatively newer site but if you’re looking for something a little more home grown and less corporate like PC Gamer you should stop by there. They do mostly game reviews but they’ve got a mix of previews and solid guides too.


May 2011 News

Welcome to the May 2011 News.

Hello everyone and welcome to the May news. We hope that everyone is good and fine and enjoying the spring

So we’ve just had Easter and the Royal Wedding here in the UK. Easter was great and chocolaty and the Wedding was a beautiful event which really brought the country together for a bit. Who needs conflict when you can have a Prince marrying a beautiful lady? :p

We don’t have a massive amount to show this month but rest assured, plans are brewing. I’m going to start by saying we’re looking for C++ coders as that’s the area we’re lacking in. Please apply on the recruitment forum is you’d like you join us.

So this month we have a lovely render from Aurel of an M1911:

Very nice work there.

We hope you have a great May and we’ll see you in June.

The Stargate Legacy Team

March 10 News

Welcome to the March 10 News

We’re into the 3rd month of this year already. The Winter Olympics in Vancouver is under way, 2 natural disasters have hit poorer countries and the political scandals in the UK just keep on coming. So yes, it has been quite eventful so far, just imagine what is to come during the rest of the year.

Next month the news will be changing slightly. You will still get your monthly news but we will be having a small visual change and also will be debuting a new feature where a developer each month will talk about their role within the mod team, what they have done and what they are currently working on. We feel this will give you a better insight into the development process and how we work as a team.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the media section.

Firstly, Furling has been doing some major work on his Temple map, which is loosely based on the Temple map featured in SGTC1 and our first BETA.

Secondly, Noodles has been working on our weapon models and animations churning a high volume out at very high quality. We’ve got some screenshots of the weapons for you so you can see what they look like.

Finally, Noodles has also been working on his Mangrove map adding some unique and quite intriguing features, one being The Grumpy Tree which I’m sure Noodles will explain in more detail in his Developer Blog in the coming months.

Anyway, that’s all we have for this month. Hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been working on and we look forward to seeing you again next month.

The Stargate Legacy Team

December 08 News

Greetings and welcome to December News of Stargate: Legacy!

Well, the time has passed quickly once again and the end of the year is slowly coming closer and closer, so I really hope everyone is starting to get into holiday mood! Over here in Legacy camp things have been progressing well- although the end of semester at schools is (and for a couple of weeks still will be) taking it’s fair share of time from us, development rate has not lowered.

And even though these news will be a bit short on content, I assure you we will make it up to you all in our Christmas news edition

Right, enough talk, let’s jump to those screenshots!

First of all you can view the work of our German translator and one of Legacy’s new modelers Major_exodus:

Those Goa’uld themed props that you will be able to see in the new version of sgl_conquest and other similarly themed maps really show what a committed person can accomplish, because Major_exodus has only recently began learning modeling

Next on the line is our miracle maker Noodles. Here you can see an image showing several of the weapon models he has been creating to replace those placeholders SG:Legacy Beta1 has.

And yes, there is nothing wrong with your sight- there really is an M16, an M16 equipped with a grenade launcher and a silenced Beretta in that image  Those are just a couple of the new weapons that you will find in the next release of our mod. More info about that will be given in one of the upcoming news releases.

There, that’s it for the content, but I still have some other things to tell you:

Holiday get-together
First of all, as I mentioned, the holidays are approaching and that means a few weeks without school that will significantly boost the amount of free time we will have. That is why at some time closer to Christmas and new year we might be organizing some Legacy playing- some specific times when all those people that are still willing to play Legacy can come together and have some fun. If the amount of people is high enough we might continue making such sessions regularly Smiley So if you are interested keep an eye on these forums for some further information on that.

Steam group
Also, some of you might not know it, but we have a steam group that is located at so feel free to join  to possibly have a better track of when others are laying Legacy.

And once again I remind you that we still need help in developing the mod, so if you happen to be a decent texture artist, level designer, programmer, music composer or you have some other useful modding related talents, feel free to sign up at our recruitment board HERE

There, that’s it for these news, but as I mentioned expect Christmas special edition of News in a couple of weeks

Stargate Legacy Development Team

November 08 News

Welcome to the November 08 News

Hello guys and girls and welcome to this months news. As you are all aware, the dev team is working hard on our 2.0 beta although we do have other commitments that are more important so please stick by us and support us as much as you can.

This month we haven’t got too much to show you as development has slowed down due to the reasons above. Our resident handyman, FuriousFurling, has been doing a bit more work on his map Snowfall and he has managed to achieve something he’s been working hard on for a long time which you will see later on.

This is a couple of screenshots from Snowfall:

Now earlier I said that Furling has achieved something he’s been trying to achieve for a long time now. This is something he’s mainly been working on for the past month. A model of an old bench for the map Abandoned which he has textured and put in game. Now some may think ‘that’s easy, anyone could do that’, you’d be wrong. The team think this is a great achievement as it is showing that you can develop skills in other fields if you have enough drive and commitment so well done there.

Here’s a screenshot of it in the modelling program:


That’s all for this month folks. Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice November.

The Stargate Legacy Team

October 08 News

Welcome to the October 08 News

Hello guys and gals. It’s October and autumn is setting in, it’s getting colder and the weather is, to put it bluntly, absolute shite. Although one good thing about the onset of autumn/winter is…CHRISTMAS! I know that some people on here don’t celebrate Christmas so if you have a religious holiday like Christmas, just insert that instead.

Also it’s been a few weeks since people have started school, college and university. We at Stargate Legacy hope you’re enjoying yourself and working hard. The team have also gone back to our education so development has not been as fast as it was but over the coming months it will speed right back up again. Rest assured though, we’re still working on our beloved baby.

So, what are we going to let your excited little eyes feast on this month? We’ve got some new screenshots of our WIP, Abydos and one of our newest maps, Snowfall and Abandoned.

As I’m sure you know, Abydos is a key part in the Stargate story so we’ve been spending a lot of time on perfecting it so you will not be disappointed.

You like what you see? Wait until you see what else we’ve got to show you.

The next map is one you’ve seen a small bit of, Abandoned was revealed to you in the September news. Now Furiousfurling, who is making the map, has not given the public any information on the special gamemode that will go along with this map or the back story behind the map. He actually hasn’t told the dev team yet either so he’s keeping it well under wraps. We’re as excited as you are to find out more information about it.

Snowfall, the next map I’m going to show you, has not been shown to you before and from what we’ve seen it’s going to be a great map to play. This map has had no information released by Furiousfurling so we’re also excited about what this map is about too.

Don’t forget, if you have talent that could help with the development of the mod then please get in touch with us on the forums. We need YOU!

That’s all for this month. I hope you like what you’ve seen and if you come up with any ideas then please post them on the forums.

See you next month,

The Stargate Legacy Team

September 08 News

Welcome to the September 08 News

Hello everyone and welcome to this month’s Stargate Legacy News. Now it’s that time of year when people start going back to School, College and University as well as people starting new School’s Colleges and Uni. To all those who are starting new, the best of luck for the coming years and enjoy those years. Also as I’m sure you know, 16 year old people in the UK (excluding Scotland) received their GCSE results so we would like to congratulate all those who received their results and our condolences to those who did not get the grades they hoped to get.

While it may have seemed quiet in the Stargate Legacy dev team, we’ve been working hard. Today I’ll be showing you some of the fruits of our labours. We have a totally new map, a revamped map and also some content from our devs which includes a new HUD. Yes, that’s right. A new HUD!

Before I start showing you what we’ve been working on, I would like to welcome Sokar to the dev team. If you’re a fan of the Garry’s Mod Stargate stuff, you may know him from the Rp_Oriship map and the new map he’s working on, Rp_StargateWorlds_v4. We’re really looking forward to seeing what he will produce for us.

Now, Furiousfurling has been working on a new map which is not based on an episode of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis but has been produced purely from imagination. This map is set on a war torn, abandoned planet at night. This map is a contrast to the sunny maps we have as it’s night and raining. The rain creates a nice effect which adds atmosphere and really gives this map a unique feel.

This map doesn’t support any of 2 gamemodes currently available in Stargate: Legacy (Objective and Capture the point) but is designed for a new and unique gamemode that is sure to bring unique gameplay experience. More details of it will be revealed at a later date, but here are some screenshots of the WIP map so far.

Furious has also been working on revamping our Abydos map to increase its quality to a high standard. Since Abydos does not have a specific layout in the show, which would stay the same in each episode, it has allowed Furious to use his imagination and create an interesting layout for the interior of Abydos pyramid. In the new version there will be a room which is rumoured to be a place where people were given ‘The Gift of the Gods’ or in more common terms- where goa’uld took humans as hosts. Also, to interest those who enjoy exploration, there will be several unused rooms including one that is set behind the gate room in the pyramid.

Noodles, one of our modellers has been working on some new models, including a med-pack and a new C4 model which looks really nice.

Here are the renders of these models:


Isick has been working on a new Tau’ri body to go with our new heads. This body is still being worked on so what we are going to show you is subject to massive change:

Something that I’m sure a lot of people will be happy with is our new HUD. Sub-zero has been working on a new HUD and Freeman551 and fotto have been implementing it today. Here is a screenshot showing off what it looks like so far. Once the HUD is completely implemented I will write an article explaining the changes.

Well that’s it for this month’s news. As you can see we’ve been working hard and still continue too. At this point in time we’re finding it harder to fit things around our real lives so things will slow down from time to time, but rest assured we’re working the best we can.

If you feel that you could make a valid contribution to the development of Stargate Legacy then please apply on our forums with examples of your work. We’re currently looking for mainly modellers, mappers and texture artists.

The Stargate Legacy Team

BETA 1.0.5 patch

We have decided that due to the over strength of certain weapons we would release a code patch. Please note this is not 1.1 that will come soon we are waiting on models for that to be finished.

The changes in the patch are:

* New Zatarc beam
* Sgl_conquest all bugs fixed.
* Weapon lowered while running
* Stamina only activated when moving fast
* Clientside version of CP made to stop particle bugs
* Knife damage reduce from 300 to 90
* Ironsight walk speed changed from 50 to 95
* Fixed corruption in the “you were killed by” text
* Stamina doesn’t drain as much
* Fixed Teal’c Description