About Dark flare Studios

Dark Flare Studios is a group of individuals that make up the core of Stargate: Legacy’s development team. Being SG: L developer does not automatically make one a member of Dark Flare Studios.

Development Team Member List
Project Management
    Freeman551 – Leader, Coder, Level Designer
    FuriousFurling – Leader, Lead Level Designer, Website developer
Development team
    Noodles – Level Designer, 3D artist
    Mobius – Sound Artist, Beta Manager
    Coomdoom – Researcher, Beta Tester, PR Manager
    Fotto – Coder
     SuB-Zer0 – 2D Artist
     dmcclintock – 3D Artist
     Major Exodus – German Translator, 3D artist
     trecool223 – French TranslatorInactive developers
     Cow_trix – 3D artist, Level Designer
     Sinister – 3D artist
     Maximus1121– Level Designer
     K i R k – Spanish Translator

Retired Developers
     Pie – the creator of SGL forum theme
     Fluffy – one of our ex-mappers
     Kingfisher– creator of our DHD
     Struders – one of our ex-mappers
     Paramecium– one of our ex-mappers
     Isick – one of our ex-3D artist

Special Thanks
     IceWarrior98 – help with Tau’ri radio command voicing
     aVoN – Some of the gate sounds
     Bizt – help with some 2D art
     Zup – The gate model and the SGC ramp