September 08 News

Welcome to the September 08 News

Hello everyone and welcome to this month’s Stargate Legacy News. Now it’s that time of year when people start going back to School, College and University as well as people starting new School’s Colleges and Uni. To all those who are starting new, the best of luck for the coming years and enjoy those years. Also as I’m sure you know, 16 year old people in the UK (excluding Scotland) received their GCSE results so we would like to congratulate all those who received their results and our condolences to those who did not get the grades they hoped to get.

While it may have seemed quiet in the Stargate Legacy dev team, we’ve been working hard. Today I’ll be showing you some of the fruits of our labours. We have a totally new map, a revamped map and also some content from our devs which includes a new HUD. Yes, that’s right. A new HUD!

Before I start showing you what we’ve been working on, I would like to welcome Sokar to the dev team. If you’re a fan of the Garry’s Mod Stargate stuff, you may know him from the Rp_Oriship map and the new map he’s working on, Rp_StargateWorlds_v4. We’re really looking forward to seeing what he will produce for us.

Now, Furiousfurling has been working on a new map which is not based on an episode of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis but has been produced purely from imagination. This map is set on a war torn, abandoned planet at night. This map is a contrast to the sunny maps we have as it’s night and raining. The rain creates a nice effect which adds atmosphere and really gives this map a unique feel.

This map doesn’t support any of 2 gamemodes currently available in Stargate: Legacy (Objective and Capture the point) but is designed for a new and unique gamemode that is sure to bring unique gameplay experience. More details of it will be revealed at a later date, but here are some screenshots of the WIP map so far.

Furious has also been working on revamping our Abydos map to increase its quality to a high standard. Since Abydos does not have a specific layout in the show, which would stay the same in each episode, it has allowed Furious to use his imagination and create an interesting layout for the interior of Abydos pyramid. In the new version there will be a room which is rumoured to be a place where people were given ‘The Gift of the Gods’ or in more common terms- where goa’uld took humans as hosts. Also, to interest those who enjoy exploration, there will be several unused rooms including one that is set behind the gate room in the pyramid.

Noodles, one of our modellers has been working on some new models, including a med-pack and a new C4 model which looks really nice.

Here are the renders of these models:


Isick has been working on a new Tau’ri body to go with our new heads. This body is still being worked on so what we are going to show you is subject to massive change:

Something that I’m sure a lot of people will be happy with is our new HUD. Sub-zero has been working on a new HUD and Freeman551 and fotto have been implementing it today. Here is a screenshot showing off what it looks like so far. Once the HUD is completely implemented I will write an article explaining the changes.

Well that’s it for this month’s news. As you can see we’ve been working hard and still continue too. At this point in time we’re finding it harder to fit things around our real lives so things will slow down from time to time, but rest assured we’re working the best we can.

If you feel that you could make a valid contribution to the development of Stargate Legacy then please apply on our forums with examples of your work. We’re currently looking for mainly modellers, mappers and texture artists.

The Stargate Legacy Team