October 08 News

Welcome to the October 08 News

Hello guys and gals. It’s October and autumn is setting in, it’s getting colder and the weather is, to put it bluntly, absolute shite. Although one good thing about the onset of autumn/winter is…CHRISTMAS! I know that some people on here don’t celebrate Christmas so if you have a religious holiday like Christmas, just insert that instead.

Also it’s been a few weeks since people have started school, college and university. We at Stargate Legacy hope you’re enjoying yourself and working hard. The team have also gone back to our education so development has not been as fast as it was but over the coming months it will speed right back up again. Rest assured though, we’re still working on our beloved baby.

So, what are we going to let your excited little eyes feast on this month? We’ve got some new screenshots of our WIP, Abydos and one of our newest maps, Snowfall and Abandoned.

As I’m sure you know, Abydos is a key part in the Stargate story so we’ve been spending a lot of time on perfecting it so you will not be disappointed.

You like what you see? Wait until you see what else we’ve got to show you.

The next map is one you’ve seen a small bit of, Abandoned was revealed to you in the September news. Now Furiousfurling, who is making the map, has not given the public any information on the special gamemode that will go along with this map or the back story behind the map. He actually hasn’t told the dev team yet either so he’s keeping it well under wraps. We’re as excited as you are to find out more information about it.

Snowfall, the next map I’m going to show you, has not been shown to you before and from what we’ve seen it’s going to be a great map to play. This map has had no information released by Furiousfurling so we’re also excited about what this map is about too.

Don’t forget, if you have talent that could help with the development of the mod then please get in touch with us on the forums. We need YOU!

That’s all for this month. I hope you like what you’ve seen and if you come up with any ideas then please post them on the forums.

See you next month,

The Stargate Legacy Team