November 08 News

Welcome to the November 08 News

Hello guys and girls and welcome to this months news. As you are all aware, the dev team is working hard on our 2.0 beta although we do have other commitments that are more important so please stick by us and support us as much as you can.

This month we haven’t got too much to show you as development has slowed down due to the reasons above. Our resident handyman, FuriousFurling, has been doing a bit more work on his map Snowfall and he has managed to achieve something he’s been working hard on for a long time which you will see later on.

This is a couple of screenshots from Snowfall:

Now earlier I said that Furling has achieved something he’s been trying to achieve for a long time now. This is something he’s mainly been working on for the past month. A model of an old bench for the map Abandoned which he has textured and put in game. Now some may think ‘that’s easy, anyone could do that’, you’d be wrong. The team think this is a great achievement as it is showing that you can develop skills in other fields if you have enough drive and commitment so well done there.

Here’s a screenshot of it in the modelling program:


That’s all for this month folks. Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice November.

The Stargate Legacy Team