May 2011 News

Welcome to the May 2011 News.

Hello everyone and welcome to the May news. We hope that everyone is good and fine and enjoying the spring

So we’ve just had Easter and the Royal Wedding here in the UK. Easter was great and chocolaty and the Wedding was a beautiful event which really brought the country together for a bit. Who needs conflict when you can have a Prince marrying a beautiful lady? :p

We don’t have a massive amount to show this month but rest assured, plans are brewing. I’m going to start by saying we’re looking for C++ coders as that’s the area we’re lacking in. Please apply on the recruitment forum is you’d like you join us.

So this month we have a lovely render from Aurel of an M1911:

Very nice work there.

We hope you have a great May and we’ll see you in June.

The Stargate Legacy Team