March 10 News

Welcome to the March 10 News

We’re into the 3rd month of this year already. The Winter Olympics in Vancouver is under way, 2 natural disasters have hit poorer countries and the political scandals in the UK just keep on coming. So yes, it has been quite eventful so far, just imagine what is to come during the rest of the year.

Next month the news will be changing slightly. You will still get your monthly news but we will be having a small visual change and also will be debuting a new feature where a developer each month will talk about their role within the mod team, what they have done and what they are currently working on. We feel this will give you a better insight into the development process and how we work as a team.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the media section.

Firstly, Furling has been doing some major work on his Temple map, which is loosely based on the Temple map featured in SGTC1 and our first BETA.

Secondly, Noodles has been working on our weapon models and animations churning a high volume out at very high quality. We’ve got some screenshots of the weapons for you so you can see what they look like.

Finally, Noodles has also been working on his Mangrove map adding some unique and quite intriguing features, one being The Grumpy Tree which I’m sure Noodles will explain in more detail in his Developer Blog in the coming months.

Anyway, that’s all we have for this month. Hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been working on and we look forward to seeing you again next month.

The Stargate Legacy Team