December 08 News

Greetings and welcome to December News of Stargate: Legacy!

Well, the time has passed quickly once again and the end of the year is slowly coming closer and closer, so I really hope everyone is starting to get into holiday mood! Over here in Legacy camp things have been progressing well- although the end of semester at schools is (and for a couple of weeks still will be) taking it’s fair share of time from us, development rate has not lowered.

And even though these news will be a bit short on content, I assure you we will make it up to you all in our Christmas news edition

Right, enough talk, let’s jump to those screenshots!

First of all you can view the work of our German translator and one of Legacy’s new modelers Major_exodus:

Those Goa’uld themed props that you will be able to see in the new version of sgl_conquest and other similarly themed maps really show what a committed person can accomplish, because Major_exodus has only recently began learning modeling

Next on the line is our miracle maker Noodles. Here you can see an image showing several of the weapon models he has been creating to replace those placeholders SG:Legacy Beta1 has.

And yes, there is nothing wrong with your sight- there really is an M16, an M16 equipped with a grenade launcher and a silenced Beretta in that image  Those are just a couple of the new weapons that you will find in the next release of our mod. More info about that will be given in one of the upcoming news releases.

There, that’s it for the content, but I still have some other things to tell you:

Holiday get-together
First of all, as I mentioned, the holidays are approaching and that means a few weeks without school that will significantly boost the amount of free time we will have. That is why at some time closer to Christmas and new year we might be organizing some Legacy playing- some specific times when all those people that are still willing to play Legacy can come together and have some fun. If the amount of people is high enough we might continue making such sessions regularly Smiley So if you are interested keep an eye on these forums for some further information on that.

Steam group
Also, some of you might not know it, but we have a steam group that is located at so feel free to join  to possibly have a better track of when others are laying Legacy.

And once again I remind you that we still need help in developing the mod, so if you happen to be a decent texture artist, level designer, programmer, music composer or you have some other useful modding related talents, feel free to sign up at our recruitment board HERE

There, that’s it for these news, but as I mentioned expect Christmas special edition of News in a couple of weeks

Stargate Legacy Development Team