4 Best PC Gaming Websites of 2016

Are PC games a thing for this past? This is often a theory that has been debated for which have time now. With the rise of the Playstation and the Xbox along with handheld systems you will find more and more people jumping on the console and handheld bandwagon and claiming that the PC will soon be dead. Anybody that allows these claims is dumb. The PC isn’t going anywhere. You can engage in action, target and shooting, role playing, war, tactics, new or old fashioned board games, puzzles, all kinds of races, cars and auto racing, and many varieties that suit your style. PC gaming has it all.

That brings us to our list, the 5 best pc gaming websites. Some of these you probably have never heard of and I’ve just stumbled accross them while searching the web. Others will be instantly recognizable, because almost all PC gamers use them daily or weekly.

The Top 4 Best PC Gaming Websites

  1. PC Gamer. This company started out as a magazine but now has a very big online presence. Surely if you are into PC gaming you have came across PC Gamer. I think where they really shine is their PC game reviews. They rate on a scale of 1 to 100 and I think they are pretty spot on with most of their verdicts.
  2. Tom’s Hardware. Tom’s Hardware is a great website to discuss PC components and other gaming related topics. If you are looking for a forum to get involved in this is a good bet. I also like their hardware guides that are usually pretty thorough.
  3. Kotaku. A great stop for recent events and a pretty solid blog run by the Kotaku staff. There’s always something new or fresh on Kotaku. By going to the PC gaming tag you can pretty much just endlessly scroll and find something worthwhile.
  4. Spindle Gaming. This is a relatively newer site but if you’re looking for something a little more home grown and less corporate like PC Gamer you should stop by there. They do mostly game reviews but they’ve got a mix of previews and solid guides too.



Stargate: Legacy is a Half-Life2 modification based in the universe of SciFi TV shows Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis.
How it all began…

Stargate: Legacy (SGL) was founded by a group of Stargate fans, with Freeman551 and FuriousFurling in front, who were becoming unhappy with progress of other Stargate themed mods (for the Source engine). Those mods seemed to make big promises about release and outstanding content, but quite frankly failed to accomplish these promises in reality. And so these few enthusiasts with little or no modding experience began work on porting the very popular Half-life total conversion StargateTC (SGTC) to the Source engine…