Stargate: Legacy is a Half-Life2 modification based in the universe of SciFi TV shows Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis.

Brief History of Stargate: Legacy
How it all began…

Stargate: Legacy (SGL) was founded by a group of Stargate fans, with Freeman551 and FuriousFurling in front, who were becoming unhappy with progress of some other Stargate themed mods (for the Source engine). Those mods seemed to make big promises about release and outstanding content, but quite frankly failed to accomplish these promises in reality. And so these few enthusiasts with little or no modding experience began work on porting the very popular Half-life total conversion StargateTC (SGTC) to the Source engine. Such a decision was made because many people showed interest in continuing to play SGTC, despite its outdated graphical content, but could not do it due to different reasons, including lack of game servers. And so SGTC: L was born. Soon afterwards the TC (Total Conversion) part of the title was removed and the mod was officially renamed SG: L, although the unofficial name StargateTC: Legacy remained among many StargateTC fans. With some help from several members of StargateTC development team the development progress of SGL quickly gained speed.

Working towards the first release…

In fact, the development speed was so satisfying, that instead of simply porting SGTC content with little or no improvements, a decision was made to go further and update the models, textures, maps and everything else with proper content worthy of the new engine. However, creation of such content was bound to take time, and that contradicted with the essential goal with which the modification was created- to provide the public with a time spender before the full scale modifications came out. Many times being one the other side of similar situations and experiencing development teams of other mods randomly changing their mind and failing to keep the promises made to their loyal followers, SG: L development team decided that to release what they had at the moment and then in time improve the content with small updates. And so, a release date was set to July 13, 2008 and announced to the public. The SG: L beta1 was released as planned and even though it contained outdated content from HalfLife mod SGTC, the modification provided good and fair gameplay with balanced weapons (except for some glitches that were fixed in an upcoming patch)

A new direction…

Some time has passed since then and two more Stargate themed mods have finally released after years of development, therefore the main and original purpose of the game is no longer required. However, during the development process, SG: L has gathered some talented people and has now set itself a new goal- to make a completely new mod, keeping only the best of the original Stargate: Legacy and adding completely new and improved content that will attract not only Stargate fans, but any gamer who enjoys spending quality time in a well made game.
Stargate: Legacy Beta 2 will contain many new features, new content and a whole new Stargate gaming experience- alongside killing each other with a wide variety of deadly earth and alien weapons like P90, M16, Zat’nik’a’tel, Staff weapon and many more, you will be able to hack-open and hack-lock doors, activate shields and generators, make use of traps and obstacles left by ancient civilisations, to fulfil your missions and objectives.